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Date: August 31st 1917
Amos William

1st Scottish General Hospital
Aug 31, 17

My Dear Betty:-

Still doing splendidly & no having a great time getting arround & seeing something of Aberdeen as well as enjoying the hospitality of some of the best homes. On Monday last I spent the afternoon & evening at Miss Davidson's home a lovely place, after afternoon tea we went for a drive in the car, visited the University of Aberdeen both old & new, the pictures of which you will see in the book of views I am sending, Aberdeen is a beautiful city all the building are of light grey granite, & everything is so clean, we returned about 6pm & had dinner at 7-30, I felt a little out of place at first- I in my hospital suit & everyone else in evening dress, I got back to hospital about 9-30P.M. Tuesday was a very wet & stormy day, so that I did not go anywhere.

On Wednesday a lady Mrs. Fiddes, among the wealthiest of Aberdeen came for me in her car about 2-30P.M. We drove first to a tea room where we had afternoon tea, then motored along the coast for about 20 min it was magnificent I shall never forget it, on our way back, Mrs. Fiddes called out at the factory for her husband-a splendid man(they own a large factory) & he took us to see the "Town House" similar to our "City Hall" it was a beautiful old place, & there were many beautiful portraits paintings from there we went home to dinner & a most enjoyable evening.

They have one son out in Messapotamia & another attending Sandhurst Military College, Yesterday Thursday I spent the afternoon & evening at yet another beautiful home, & so it goes on, so you see I am having a good time, I wish you could share it. Am expecting to go down to the South of England any moment now, into one of our Canadian Convalescent Hospital, & after a time there I shall get Sick leave for about a couple of weeks. I don't think that there is much danger of me being sent back to France at least for the winter. I received your letter No 23 & mailed on July 31st. I see you had not heard of my being wounded, its rather strange that you should hear of Mr Pryor & not me, however its just as well for now you will get my letter first & you will not have so much worry. It is a beautiful day to day & I think we are going to have some nicer weather. Must close the doctor is coming round, best love to your dear self & the kiddies God bless & keep you

Betty XXXXXXXXXXXXXX yours lovingly

P.S. Have not heard yet if you have received the money from L Lozets[?]

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