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Date: 1943
Peter Biollo


Dear Loved Ones at Home,

I received your very welcome letter this afternoon & I sure was pleased to get it. I hope you are feeling better Mom, & aren't working too hard Dad. Hello Ray, Barbara, Loretta, Dolores, Ramona, Elvira, Mimi & Frankie - how ya doin?

The snaps are sure swell & Barbara & Ray are as sweet as life. How about a snap of you Dad? And I don't mean maybe.

Know what? After trying to get Joe on the phone for 7 days - I met him uptown - of all places on a side street - on his way to duty watch. Boy was I ever glad to see him. We have a date for tomorrow afternoon. He didn't have time to stop & chat, so we'll have a good one tomorrow. He doesn't look too bad tho.

It's raining tonite & the thunder & lightning is quite close. It's nice to hear & see it again. But it's nice & cozy in my room which I share with a pilot & another bombardier - an American from Massachusettes. He is a swell guy - typical American - some find him hard to get along with. But they are probably narrow & prejudiced.

I hope Johnny gets here before I leave & when you see him please congratulate him for me.

I am glad to hear our garden is fine. Have a feed for me. I received a letter from Edie today & she sure thinks I have an A-1 family. She's a grand girl. Oh me oh my! It's too bad we didn't meet long ago.

I have been rather busy this week doing me shopping. Boy what a list I had - lighter flints & fluid - pyjamas - caps toothbrushes etc, etc. I got my raincoat & great coat o.k. As yet the money & suit-case haven't arrived, but they should get here soon. I still don't know when I leave, but I have been here 2 weeks & I guess it won't be long by the looks of things around here.

We don't do much here, just a few classes to keep our memories of our jobs clear & we also go up to 38,000' in a pressure tank to see if you can stand the lack of oxygen at that height. By my tests I am fit for special high level duties. I didn't get the binds, but some lads did & boy it's awful to see them go into fits, but you get used to it.

Say Mom you may use my money whenever you like, such as $5.00 a month or whatever you need. So don't be bashful - ha - ha. That will be fine putting the money in Imperial. We get paid overseas thru the Imperial bank so that's fine. Did Tom & Jean leave for home yet? How did the car look? How has the weather been - enough rain for the garden Dad? Please say hello to the Williams' for me & the people at the shop. I wrote to Franny & Tony. I sure would like to hear from Johnny, but I guess he doesn't know my address & I don't know his home address. Some of the P/Os here & I went for a boat ride up the inlet last nite & it sure was beautiful on the calm water & the stars & moon so clear. You could here music from a pavilion across the bay & the searchlights were out trying to catch some planes overhead. Well my loved ones I will rest now & patiently wait to hear from y'all again soon. So goodnite & God bless & keep you all.

Your loving son & brother,

Dad kiss Mom, Barbara, Ray, Edie & all the kiddies for me - That's a command!