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Date: 1943
Peter Biollo

Note new number

P/O Biollo P.J.
#1 y Depot R.C.A.F.
Halifax N.S.

Dear Mom, Dad & Family,

I received your very welcome letter today & also one from Edie. I also got a telegram from Jean & Tom. I t was nice to hear from you so soon. I hope everyone is feeling fine, as I am. Let me know how the garden is progressing eh? As I have part interest in it eh what? Pardon the pencil, I have run out of ink.

I never hated to leave home as I did on Tuesday, I sure am going to miss you all terribly. It was very unfortunate & embarrassing when Edie didn't show up & it kind of hurt. I thought she was hit by a car or something. I hope she doesn't feel too bad about it. It couldn't be helped as you say. She sure is a sweet girl & thanks for being so kind to her. She really thinks you are all so nice to her & I appreciate that.

Mom could you send me your suitcase, as I can take it over o.k. As soon as possible, because we may leave any time. Thanks a lot. Also I am signing over to you $85 a month out of which will you please pay Johnstone Walkers $10.00 a month for the extra amount spent there. The air force is paying $150 & I pay the balance of $89.60. I am sending the bills to you so you can see for yourself. I guess the money for the car will pay you off Dad & if there is any left you can spend it on the family if you wish. I hope my pay comes soon as I am kinda low.

The trip was dull as far as Winnipeg, but Ontario was interesting & has grand fishing & hunting resorts. I'd like to take a trip thru that country some time. Quebec province is glorious for scenery & nearly beats the coast. We stayed in Montreal a day & looked over the town, climbed mount Royal & saw lovely homes, ate in restaurants where beer & wine were served with meats. It's a huge place & I also got a chance to use my high school French at Montreal & every stop thru Quebec, boy some fun. The people in Montreal were very friendly & it was a nice thing to see a bit of the city. We passed thru Ottawa & Quebec City at nite so we didn't see much. One thing about Quebec province struck me & that was the primitiveness of the people in the small towns & yet they had the loveliest churches I have ever seen, huge places & breathtaking in beauty inside & out. They beat our Western Cathedrals all hollow & are really only parish churches.

Halifax is not much & there is nothing for officers to do I met some P/O's whom I hadn't seen since P.E. school, stationed here with me & we sure had fun talking of old times in Vancouver. So I have lots of friends here. I met David Gordon (Navy) last nite up town too & we had a good chat. I haven't seen the sun since I left & it is damp & cold here, also the heat is turned off. It is so cold in my room I can hardly write. Oh I got my bag OK & my raincoat cam today. The great coat should be here soon. Mom could you send me a warm sweater in the suitcase please? I'll need it overseas. If you or Dad or the children need anything, dig in & help yourself to my money - when it comes, because it won't be any good to me laying around. The food is grand & our officer's mess is really nice & cosy. We all get together at meals & smoke in the lounge after; pilots, bombers, navigators, air gunners and wags all together. Thanks for Tony's letter. Dad will you please give Edie the negatives of my pictures as she would like them & don't forget to send me some prints too eh Pops & I still have plenty of smokes - ha - ha. Please give all the children & the big ones & Mom & Dad a smackeroo for me. Tell Ray to keep his eye to the sky when I go over, ha - ha. I sure wish the sun would come out around here, it's sure cold. Well loved ones I must hit the hay & someone kiss Edie for me please. Please write soon.

God bless & keep you all.
Your loving son & brother.

P.S. Also, please send my album, small scissors & underwear in suitcase.