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Date: 1943
Peter Biollo

Easter Sunday.

Dear Mom, Dad & Family,

Howdy everybody - how are you all? Fine I hope! I received your very welcome parcel last nite. It was swell & the cookies really hit the spot, I had a lot of trouble keeping some for myself. They were so good and fresh that the boys nearly mobbed me, but I got my share ok. They were luscious Mom - thanks a million honey! How's that dearest? The card was beautiful too everybody, everything made me a little homesick - I love you all so much. I have the very best reason in the world to go into battle. The little basket you made & the lovely card Dolores were lovely. Thanks a lot. The candy in it was swell too - yum - yum. I want to wish you all the best at Easter & in all the years to come. I am sending a poem I have been working on & have just finished, as my Easter card. I hope you like it.

Well how has the weather been out there? I am on a 48 now & I have been out in the sun in my bathing suit. It sure was swell to lay around & soak up the heat. I turned terrible today tho & we are having a nasty dust storm. There is only one week left before exams, so I am going to be busy studying. I guess I won't get to Winnipeg after all. This is one time, at least, that work comes first. Thanks a lot for the papers Dad - there is plenty of good reading in them. Are you still working late? Are you still short a helper? Hello Ray did my bunny bring your egg? He did? Woweeee. How is little Barbara - give her a mush-push for me eh? Atta boy. Hello all my big & little sisters. Did the bunny visit you too? Tell me all about it. Well it won't be long now folks, about 3 weeks & then wings parade & leave. What's my camera like - don't forget to send me a picture of you all taken with it. Do the planes keep poring in? Well everybody I must go now so I'll close wishing you all, all of the best & love in this Easter Season.

Bye now.
Love to all. Pete.

P.S. How about a line from Miriam & Fran?