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Date: 1943
Peter Biollo

L.A.C. Biollo P.J.
#7 A.O.S. R.C.A.F.
Portage La Prairie

Dear Folks,

Well here I am again starting all over again. I arrived here okay & have just about got settled & down to work for the last leg of my course. The trip was very boring, but I met some of the fellows from my course on the train, so it wasn't too bad. The station here isn't too bad, it has nice barracks & buildings & the hangars & planes are kept in good condition by civilian help. All the personell on this station are civilian except the instructors & trainees. The food was good, but now we are back on air force rations & it isn't so good, but it is still better than at Mossbank. We are only 4 miles from town & it is quite a nice place. It seems we are going to have quite a course & it won't be any too easy. We start flying on Friday & we do mostly navigation here, so it should be quite interesting. There is no snow here, but plenty of mud and water & the river here may overflow. It rained today for a while, but it was light. It has been chilly here up till today, but it was balmy-warm this afternoon.

Hello Ray, how are you? Give little Barbara a big kiss for me. How are all the rest of my little sisters? How are you Mom & Dad? Fine I hope. Gee there isn't much to say, as we have just started, but as time goes on I guess there will be more news. There was a letter here from Johnny when I arrived, so I must write him soon. He will be finished soon & is quite anxious to know all about A.O.S. It sure won't be long now & I am really looking forward to "Wings Parade". Oh yes please don't forget to send me some prints from those negatives I gave you Dad. We had a test already, so you can see how busy I will be here. But it will be worth it. Is it still warm there? Well folks I must sign off now. So till next time, I wish you lots & luck & good health.

Love to All