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Date: 1943
Peter Biollo

Tuesday, 1943

Dear Mom, Dad & Family,

Hello again. How are y'all? And the weather? It is grand here; just like spring. Nearly all the snow is gone and the runways are clear again.

Well I went to Moose Jaw on my 48 and I had a very good time there. I even spent $1.15 to have my hair cut, thinned & washed. Boy it sure was worth it. We went to a dance at I.O.O.H. There was a swell crowd there & I met a few of my pals from P.E. school there. All in all it was great to get clear of Mossbank for a few days. We all saved to make our leave a success. So we stayed at the best hotel, with bell hops, room service, telephones, radios etc. boy we lived like kings for 2 days.

How are you Mom and Barbara? Well I hope. I sure will be glad to see her. I received the Valentine's children, thanks a millun. They sure were cute. Hello Ray old boy how are you little fella?

Well peoples at last eve have started to fly. We started at 7.00A.M. today & I have just finished my supper at 6.00P.M. & boy am I tired - wow! I was up 4 times. First in a Battle to take camera gun pictures. We looped & dived & lazy eighted & falling leafed. Boy what fun, but my stomach objected at first. It's okay now. Then I did turret & machine gun exercises the rest of the day in Boly's. Man are they ever fast. To fire from these the pilot flies over a 3 mi. long lake. It only takes about 5 min to cover it. We fly about six feet from the ground & fire into the lake on the first exercise. Then go up to 5,000' to fire at towed targets. We start bombing the end of this week & should graduate on Mar. 5. When we flew 6 feet over the lake we chased a herd of horses, went under the wires and between elevators in a town ideally situated at the end of the lake at 300 miles an hour. Boy this is the life only I was sitting in the wrong place, I should have been where the pilot was.

When we pulled out from between the grain elevators I nearly blacked out. Some of the fellows gave up their breakfast. But all got over it okay. It sure is great to be doing all these manouvers, dives & wing overs instead of just seeing them in a show. I see in the paper where Huge Champman was killed! A fellow I was at I.I.S. with was killed at the same time. He was the second chum of 2 fellows I chum with who was killed in two days. All are from the same school in N. Westminster.

Well there isn't much more news now. So I will sign off & get a shower & some much needed & loved sleep. Flying sure is tiring - believe me.

Bye now!
Love Pete.