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Date: July 1944
William Hay
Hilda Hay

Hi Kid!

Also say hello to Len, Les and the rest of the gang for me.

It's as hot as h--- here again today, and I'd like to play hockey and go swimming, but you know, the "Morgue" couldn't get along without me. (Ha, ha, ha, that's just my opinion.)

I get my holidays the first two weeks of August. When do you get yours? Now I'm just being funny, I know.

I'm going to the country with the two girls that are boarding with me. We all get our holidays at the same time. (I'm going to Markdale. It's about 150 miles from Toronto.) It certainly is quiet up there. There won't be a thing to do but lie in the sun, and swim. But that's good enough for me.

I wish you would get some pictures and send them to us, you've told me so many times that you were going to send some to me, and you never have yet. We can't get the films over here, or I'd send some to you. I haven't had my picture taken for so long that I forget what it feels like.

Your mother asked me to go down to the cottage for a few days of my holidays but I promised the girls I'd go with them a long time ago, so I'm afraid I won't be able to go. I think it was great of her to ask us though.

Well sugar, this is where I leave you for today, see you tomorrow.

Love, Hilda.