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Willie (Brother)


Dear Brother I am glad to hear from you I am well hope you are all the same give my best regards to all the boys tell Billy Marshall I have his scratcher yet glad to hear you folks get all the trinkets & stamps did Joe get his knife and those other two scenes are they not dandies well Will I am here yet and likely be for a while unless there is a sudden change in the situation I am getting all the curious I can got my haversack & pockets full going to gather more Just before we start for home. there are some queer animals such as Baboons Shambock & several other queer creatures which I cannot name the worst thing I have seen such as a scorpion centipede & such crawlers & very few snakes the biggest one was not more than 3 feet there are none of them bad things in this part that I have seen. A Boer with a Mauser is bad enough reptile for me all the young sports are having quite a time you will soon be on the Matramonial scale aint I getting educated no more love to all