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Date: September 18th 1900

Sept. 18th 1900 S.A.

Simmer & Jack Hospital

Dear Mother

I received your letter today glad to hear all are well. I am well able to eat three squares a day my hand is a little sore yet I may loose the first finger but it is on the left hand so it is not so bad dont feel uneasy about me I am all right I got my picture taken send it when finished its true old Kruger has shipped to Portugeese territory the war is over so far as I am concerned.

and as for going to China not this child oh no too well fed up on this Job to want anymore campaigning. that is a dandy photo of Willie & Angus the reason you have had no mail was I had no chance to send any but you should have got one from Windburg & a lot from the Springs we were there over five weeks not much change in affairs Boers moving around in small bands wont fight. Well I can send you definite news at last I am for home Just as soon as I get out of Hospital & that will not be for long so hope to be able to [?] my Christmas dinner at home yet glad to hear of maggies holidays too bad about Willie & Bertha she must be get thin tell her not to fret I well feel satisfied when she & Maggie [?] that Basuto letter so about that cussed march the quicker Joe gets Rid of Ross & his gang the never mind I have a bone to pick with the milk [?] I will balk their little [?] What does Nellie think of the Knife was used for a [?] she think there is [?] on it I have some more curios things for her in fact for them all & especially Joe I will make him grin can Charlotte wride horses yet & got that blasted lisp ask Bert Maggie & Nellie to translate this sentence in english going leave some out tell them put them in
The Basuto found a spoor - & treked - Roenek - Veldt - - Kopje - Elandslaghtie

Well I have no news no change I am feeling fine. hope you are all the same I will Write often will send a telegram when I start for home so you will know when to expect me give best Wishes to Billy & Dan

Good bye love to all