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Date: April 17th 1900
Willie (Brother)
Nobel, Jones



April 17th 1900


Dear Bother I am tackling your letter last as I have a few questions to answer I am well all down here. There is eight Companies in our contingent. It is too bad about Mr & Mrs. Micol. So Jim Carr is Superintendent. Tell Maggie that our English Church Chaplains Name is Rev Mr. Almond dont know where he is from I get paid one shilling & truppence a day that is thirty scents a day aint that good of course we will get plunder money for cattle captured & bought by the British I cannot guess how much longer the war will last I dont expect to be home before october but the war will be over long before that, that gunners cross is worn by the Musketry instructer but sometimes by some artillery men but artillery mostly have large guns & sometimes a wheel on the right arm be sure & have a good look at them little scenes I sent to Joe and at the knife there is five scenes all together one in the knife and two in each little tin case they are dandies I will try and get you some I have a few things I am going to send in a package when I get enough to fill a small box good bye to all