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Date: May 15th 1918
William McLellan

May 15

Dear Folks:

All the rest of the fellows in the Section have gone swimming but I was in all yesterday P.M. so I tho's I'd stay in and write letters today.

We're having a peach of time these days. Its great weather - just like it usually is back there about June and July and we get our afternoons off. We have a swell place to swim about half a mile away and the Section has made quite a name for itself in baseball and football. I've been roped in on both line-ups and as a result I'm almost a wreck - sore all over - but still we have a lot of fun. We played the Signal Section basebabll last week and fully expected to get trimmed for they have a peach of a team but we won out 13-7. Last night we played A Coy football and won 2-0 so now I suppose we'll be receiving challenges. from all over the B'n.

France is looking great these days. If anybody wants to ever see Europe, they aught to come in May or June for it looks just twice as good then. All kinds of trees - and the hedges etc over here are even better than Blighty. Shell-holes and barbed wire sort of spoil the general effect tho'.

Another Canadian mail came in last night which helped things immensely. The parcels haven't arrived yet but besides four letters from home I got a roll of magazines - a Post and a Colliers - and a photo of Mildred. It's a good picture I guess altho I wouldn't have known her by it or rather it by her. She looks altogether different from what I expected altho I haven't much to go by but a few snaps and a faint recollection of her at the age of six.

Did I tell you about Burnie. - (Russ Burnett) - making Blighty? He broke his wrist playing baseball. I had a letter from him the other night. He's in Hospital at some summer resort so was naturally quite contented with his lot. Chief & Peener are still at the same place - (or rather places). I wouldn't be surprised to see them both back here before long.

Have you heard anything about Fred lately. I suppose he'll be turning up back there some of these days. I hope he isn't marked up too badly altho he's lucky to come thru' with what he got.

So Steves back is the trouble now. I had to laugh when I read Jay's letter for Peener sent me a letter from Steve and he wrote pages on how his flat feet was keeping him back. I think its a flat head.

No I didn't know anything about Lawrence intending to get married. The only girl I've ever known him to lose sleep over is Queenie Wilson but I don't think she's in Ed. now. She used to live in Garneau some where. Does he intend to go to Varsity this fall? I read in the U. of A. weekly letter where he said he tho't he would.
I'm sorry but I haven't a photo left to send to the Varsity but if I manage to squeeze another leave out before they call a halt to the war why I'll get some more. It would be an awful thing if they ended the war before I got another leave wouldn't it

I'm sending a card for the last box I got. It was the one with the chicken in. Beleive me it wasgreat. Many thanks.

Love to Everybody Bill

P.S. Mildred said in her last letter that Mac & Billy both have hooping cough. Here's hoping they're better by now. WJM