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Date: March 31st 1918
William McLellan

Mar. 31

Dear Folks:

Easter Sunday isn't it? I'm not sure but I know its Sunday and everybody is buying eggs from the canteen so it must be some where around Easter.

Well things have been going pretty fair with us considering everything - We've been doing pretty long & tedious trips in the line but nothing exceptional. What do you think of the war news? WE only get a "daily Mail" - once in a blue moon now so can't keep track of events very well. Of course everybody had rumors galore but they don't very often hold water. I'm not worrying tho' for I'm quite confident in the British. As for the Canadians - well Fritz knows as well as we do that he can't start anything and get away with it. The Yankees have disappointed every body but I suppose there's a reason. One thing I'm mighty glad of is that things are really starting to happen and its the real crisis. We either win or get licked an now thats the only way the war will ever be over. If this keeps up, why our chances are pretty fair to be home this year - and not licked either.

Nuf Sed about la guerre.

Had a letter from Peener last night and he is OK as per usual. He is being sent on a musketry course and will probably land a bomb-proof even there. Haven't heard from Chief lately so I expect he is booking his passage back to Canada. Mac is a full fledged one star wonder now and most likely in France by this time. He certainly can't kick if he does see it a little rough for awhile altho I think he will be sorry he left the Canadians. I know I wouldn't leave this little Corp. of ours for Doug Haigs job. Several things have turned up lately that make a fellow feel proud to be a ranker in the Canadian Corp. Call it conceit if you like but - well wait till I get back there and tell you a few things.

How is Fred Fancher getting alongs? I'll be glad to hear of this getting back there. He didn't have a very long stay but still longer than the average I guess.

Since writing last I've gotten two boxes and three roolls of papers. The papers came up the line when everybody was absolutely going mad for something to read. I was about as popular as they make ‘em when the mail came in. I've been looking for Aprils edition of the Cosmo' but it hasn't turned up yet. I'm reading the Restless Sex and am curious to finish it. Something else I'd like is the Popular Magazine". There are generally good yarns in that.

The box from Ed came the next night - lasted about ten minutes - it was certainly good and then the box from M'p'l's came night before last after a mighty hard march and beleive me was a regular feast.

I'm going to send these photos off today sure. It's hard to find evelope big enough but I think I've got the idea now. I'm sending one of Chief, Hen and Tubby Hurst too as I can't very well carry them around.

Well I think this is all for now.

More later

Love to Everybody Bill

P.S. Just got a note from Flora enclosing the snaps of Mac and Billy. Many thanks. They are great. Bill