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Date: January 2nd 1918
William McLellan


Dear Folks:

I missed writing now for a week for we have been shifting around. And I never had a chance to get at it.

Just now I'm waiting for the train to Blighty. Not bad eh! I was warned New Year's Eve and haven't stopped hurrying since. I haven't had a sleep for five days although we have had it fairly quiet. It seemed that I was always the only NCO available whenever some party was detailed However here we are and in a few days I aught to be caught up with sleep.

I hope I make the raise of a few "quid" - otherwise pounds -- in London for they paymaster didn't even give me what I expected. Still I won't spend as much in Scotland as I would in London. I'm going to stay over a day in London in order to get to the bank and get some clothes etc. and generally clean up and if I get there early enough I might take in Drury Lane or the Hipprodome or some other show. About the only thing that makes London attractive is the good shows and the tubes.

Got a few letters the day I left and one of my parcels evidently went up the line & missed me for the Sergt. sent out the vest sweater and a note saying he had some more for me. You see when a fellow goes on leave and the parcels are sent up the line, his parcels are given to some of his side-kicks and if anything that he would want to keep - that is outside of eats - the Serg't keeps them for him. The sweater is a bear - I got it on now - it along with the other one Flora sent are non to much except that my tunic is getting tight for me.

Chief is over in Scotland now & Peener is also getting leave to meet us so we aught to have a few days fun don't you think so? By the way Chief's name is W.R. Spencer 911270. He used to work in Ramseys & was one of the leading atheletes in the Y. He played on the provincial basketball team and is one of Ed's best amature baseballers. Now you have his whole history. Some of the fellows call him Bill - that's his name but we've always named him Chief. Well I'll call this enough. I'll give yoy all the news of my trip & send you the theatre programme etc.

Love to Everybody and thanks for the sweater.

As ever Bill