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Date: February 24th 1918
William McLellan

Feb. 24th

Dear Folks:

Another big Canadian mail came in last night and brought me a big share of the sack. That, together with the fact that I'm now in the "Intelligence Dept" or in other words the Scout Section, makes me feel pretty well satisfied with life.

I told you about taking that course at Brigade - well when I rejoined the Coy I was given the chance to come here & I grabbed it. I'm not a Scout you know but an observer and its a whole lot better than Coy work. We get out of all working parties etc and always have the best of dugouts and that sort of thing. Its just about the best thing I've struck since I came over here.

They are sending the parcels up the line now so I'm expecting some tonight or tomorrow. They will sure go good up here too.

Had another letter from Lee last night. He had rec' my first one at last so I'll try again altho he has changed his add again.

No I haven't answered all the parcels I have gotten but I'll get busy now that I have more time & better chances. The Knox parcel had a card in from Miss Jessie Jessop or some name like that from the add. I think she lives back where the Lawlors used to live. I haven't answered it - am I supposed to? I'll drop Fev McGougan a line some of these days.

Yes I know Hazel McNish. She used to play defence on the famous S.C.I. basket ball team when Mary Beaton used to star. She's an orphan or an adopted daughter or something like that. She's not a bad kid altho' she skates like a fish. Isn't Bill Hurlieghy drafted yet? Its about his turn isn't it? I'm anxious to find out who is caught & who isn't. I feel sorry for them when they get over here for altho there won't be any line drawn still the volunteers are bound to get the opportunities that go around.

Had a letter from Chief last night. He had had his operation & is OK again altho still in Hosp. He sent me his photo & when we get out of the line again I'll send them - that is his & one of Tubby Hursts - home.

I was glad to get Ben's add's for altho he is a long way from here still I may get a chance sometime to see him. I didn't know he was in the Artillery. I know how he would feel to get put in with a bunch of strangers but he'll get used to it. I was lucky to come over with a bunch I new but "Hen" & Tubby & I are the only ones left now. A fellow makes friends quick enough over here tho'. It doesn't matter if he's Imperial, Scotch, Irish, Australian or who he is - if you're in a tight fix - everybody's your friend except Fritz.

Well the mails in so here's goodbye for now

More later

Lots of Love Bill