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Date: August 17th 1918
William McLellan

Aug 17

Dear Folks:

Well I suppose you have been doing a little worrying these days - and I haven't written lately either but you see we have been pretty busy with the Fritz and when ever we did get a few minutes in one place we always used it for sleeping purposes.

But heres the best news of all - at least I think so - I may be counting my chickens a little early but I hope not. You'll probably get a cabel before you get this asking for a little financial help & you'll probably think its leave but you see I think I've made the R.A.F. at last. I was up before the Air board awhile ago and I think I got by and if I did then I aught to leave any time now. As soon as I do I'll cabel you. Of course I may get turned down in Blighty on the Medical Exam or maybe I won't be able to fly but I certainly want to try any way.

I'll enclose a few cards - one I've carried for quite awhile - stowed away in my pocket. Got a fruit cake this morning that went OK - and some Melachrinos yesterday that set me up jake.

This is all for now - I'll write and tell you about the scrap when I get a better chance.

Love to Everybody Bill