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Date: April 6th 1918
William McLellan

Apr. 6

Dear Folks:

Another note just to let you know I'm fine and dandy.

I'm sending another photo. I suppose you will have the two I registered before you get this. I sent them about a week ago. Will you send one to Marg & [?] and one to Otto & Bea? I've sent one to Mildred and one to Lee. I just had a note from Lee last night. I haven't any cards to enclose this time but I got a box of candy and cake last night. I suppose the card will be in the next one. I certainly enjoyed the parcel. Two rolls of Journals came too which were a regular God-send.

Things are going jake-a-loowith us - even better than I expected so there isn't any cause to worry. I'm actually looking forward to my next leave too which aught to come about July. You see now they are doing far better with the leave proposition. They have it down to a fine point and send us regularly every six months. It was nine months before I got my first one but I was lucky to get it then. It dated from Jan 1st so my next one will come on July 1st - providing not hitch comes in the list and I don't think there will be. Fellows are going now as soon as they have their six months in. The only thing that will make it bad is that we won't be able to draw much money. You see I drew all I could last time and with what you people sent, it done fine but with only six months back pay it will hardly amount to anything. So don't send me any more money over here and then send all I have coming to me so that I'll get it before July 1st. I haven't any idea how much I have got but I'm afraid its not very much - especially if that draft dosen't get to you. I registered it so it should have gone thru' OK and I wrote the Bank in London too.

I was thinking of going to Paris next time but I've changed my mind and will go to Blighty. I see enough Peasoups without taking leave amongst them. I'll probably go to Ireland the next time.

Well that's quite a scrawl about a little thing like leave but leave and Canadian mail are the only things to look forward to.

This is all for now. Love to Everybody
Brother Bill
P.S. Yes mater - I've written Ella Dowling and Irene Sheppard so they'll know I didn't stay on leave. Bill