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Date: April 27th 1918
William McLellan

Apr. 27/18

Dear Folks:

I'll scribble another note before I roll in. I've just finished the fruit cake I got tonight so I don't think I'd better try to sleep for awhile. no reflections on the cake but you know how it is Al!

Well there isn't much to write about just now - I suppose by the Journal headlines these days you will be thinking that I aught to have lots of stuff to write about but so far things have been going along the same as per usual.

A little bit of Canadian mail has leaked thru' the last few days and included two parcels & four letters from home with the fiver which will certainly come in just right for eggs & chips if we manage to get out to a hamlet where we can persuade the "Madame" to cook them for us. There's quite an art in doing the persuading believe me, but as a rule the people are real good in that way and will always give you a cup of strong coffee free gratis.

Its been raining quite a bit these days and the trenches are pretty muddy but down here - in the dugout I mean - is comfortable enough. Two other fellows and myself have a little cubbyhole dug in from the main dugout. Its only 8' by 6' with not much room but still its a place in comparison with the usual thing.

One of the fellows in here is a shark on the Piano. Whenever we get near a Y that has a piano in it we always corral Swimmy and lead him to the piano. He comes from W'p'g and gets almost as many parcels as I do. Awhile ago he got some little mince pies & they carried fine. Small ones about three inches in diameter. Would they be much trouble to make I ate over half of them and beleive me they didn't go half bad.

I heard that Mac was transferring to the Canadian again. First thing he knows he'll be in France if he isn't careful. Do you know if Steve Stanton has been called up yet? In Peener's last letter he said he tho't he had but some how I don't think so.

This is all tonight. Thanks muchly for the money. I'll get a few good feeds with it before you get this.

Have I missed any parcels up to now? Two rolls of papers came last night too - mailed on March 17th. I even read the advertisements.

Love to Everybody