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Date: September 3rd 1917


Dear Folks:

This may be my last chance for a few days to drop you a line so I'll take advantage of it.

Haven't heard from home -- that is Ed -- for quite awhile but I have had several long letters from Flora in the last week - in fact I got one tonight -- written on Aug. 10th. The last I got from home was dated the last of July. However a Canadian mail was supposed to be in tonight but it never showed up so I'm looking forward to getting quite a grist in the next few days.

We've been having it pretty easy since I wrote last -- a lot easier than we expected & I'm feeling Al. Thats about all I can tell you but as a matter of fact there isn't so very much to tell anyway. I guess old Peener made Blighty alright for he hasn't dropped us a line yet. I heard tonight of one of the other fellows who went out with him made Blighty so I guess we can leave it to Peener to get there. Have you heard anything about it there yet?

I had a good laugh tonight reading Flora's letter - about those relatives of ours. I hardly know who's who in the McLellan Clan but I'll take a year off sometime & study them.

I was Geo McPhersons Bro' the other night & got word of the rest of our old Coy with Burnie & J.D. McNabb. They are still OK. but quite a few have been hit -- mostly all are only slight tho' & probably good Blighties. I don't think you know any of them -- all our bunch came O.K. John Knox of U. of a. fame was killed - I think he's the only one. Geo Robinson -- one of my old Varsity lecturers was wounded and Hank Roulear - who used to b in my Section at Camp Hughes is wounded for the second time. It isn't serious either but under conditions now he aught to make Blighty.

I got Frank Atkinson's add from Flora but its only once in a blue moon that I ever see his B'n - but I may have a chance sometime. I haven't even seen Fred Fransher since that one time & he's in my Division. So you see outside of our own Coy we don't get acquainted very much. I haven't saw Burnie of J.D. for about two months. Chief & I walked about twelve kilometers after parade one day to see them & found out when we got there that they had just moved that morning.

I'm looking forward for the pull over sweater when cold weather comes -- that won't be for a couple of months yet so you needn't hurry,Sis -- however I can use it anytime almost anything of that kind is useful over here -- so they say but don't spend all your time knitting.

Chief & I had a big feed of black berries about a week ago -- they certainly were good. There's all kinds of that kind of thing over here and you can buy it from kids very cheap. I've been having raw tomatoes almost every meal. Yes I've learned to eat almost anything now -- I even eat cucumbers. Well its getting dark in here so I'll ring off. Thanks for the letters Sis. I'll write a letter to Mpls sometime soon.

Love to everybody