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Date: September 26th 1917

Sept. 26,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a line to enclose the card. The box came last night -- just between Can mail days & was certainly welcome. We just came in from getting paid -- only $3 but its mighty useful beleive me. We were out on manoeuvers last night & came in with a whale of an apatite so preceeded to make an end to the box. We even heated up a tin of beans.

B'n sport day next Sunday and theres a silver cup up for the Coy getting the most number of points. Also a silver medal for the individual champion. Tom Riley has a good chance for that one & I thin our Coy will pull off the aggregate. We're even having competitions in Bombing, Grenade shooting and Bayonet Fighting. Also a Brocade Race where a quad of men scale a 12 foot wall. Then a lot more special races and athletic events. I'll write you about it on Monday or early next week.

Saw Cliff Bissett - a Varsity Soph-- the other night. The B'n were playing an Imperial Depot in football & we went down to root. Cliff was playing for them. He's with the Buffs. I was certainly surprised to run into him for I haven't heard anthing about him for two years.

So long for now