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Date: May 7th 1917

May 7,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a few lines to let you know what I've been doing so far. I wrote you at Billets about ten days ago.

Well we left there last Monday morning and arrives at supports about noon. We were on working parties building roads etc. most of the :M and then went to a tunnel for quarters. We stayed at the tunnel until Saturday night when we came here. During he week we went out about 5 hours every day doing some kind of work. A few shells came over once in awhile but nothing very much.

Here we are in dug outs and fairly comfortable. During the day we can see lots of shelling & air fights & are perfectly safe from shrapnel etc. We go out on working parties at night. I was out last night so will probably be off tonight. We get our mail regular up here. I got a couple of U. of A. newsletters this AM & am expecting some from home tomorrow. I got two parcels of magazines from Marg and a bunch of Journals when at the tunnel. We were all hard p for reading material so everybody appreciated them. Al the fellows volunteered to carry a magazine up here so that solved the problem when we left.

The weather has been great ever since we left England and here during the day we lay in front of the dug out & read. Occasionally an air fight gives us a little excitement. Souvenirs are going to waste over here. If there is anything in that line you want let me know U I'll look around.
I've kept my diary up to date. Its getting to be a pretty interesting epistal now. I leave it at th4e Billets when we come up the line. If you still have those only diarys of Mine , keep them will you so that I can fill mine in when I get back.

I'll write again when we get to Billets.

So long for now



P.S. Have you planned a vacation yet? Thanks , Marg , for magazines. WJM