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Date: May 20th 1917

May 20,1917

Dear Mother:

I suppose this is Mothers Day over there too -- at any rate all the Y's are giving out this paper & at church this morning the padre gave a sermon on it. consequently every Tom, Dick & Harry are busy writing home. There was an awful rush for paper and this was all I could get so it won't be much of an epistol. However this makes the fourth letter I've written home this week so I've used up most of the news.

Its another great day -- too hot to do anything but sit in a breeze in the shade & write or listen to half a hundred bands. Some of the fellows have pep enough to play ball but its a pretty poor exhibition.

I heard today that the bunch of fellows with Chuck & Lynn were not sent to the 19th Res. but to the 9th & 21st Res's so its hard to say where Spud Barlow is. Tell Jay that she better give his address as #911380 - Cadet G.B. Barlow, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex unless she hears more from the other fellows. Still if sent c/o "D" Coy 19th Res. B'n Bramshot he will get it as Lennie McLeod is looking after the mail there & he will be able to get it to Spud.

I had a letter from one of the fellows who was with us up north -- Alex McMillan. He is with the M. Gun Coy at Witley. Quite a bunch of our old coy men are there & thats how he got my address.

What is happening to the platoon of reinforcements at Varsity? The last I heard was that their total strength numbered one N.C.O. and eight men. I guess they are pretty safe form ever seeing France.

We expect to go up the line again in a few days but there is little chance of our ever seeing the front line this time but will be doing working parties behind the supports.

If I get a chance I'll drop you a line from up there altho its hardly likely that there will be any news. I'll send a few "whiz-bangs" anyway.

Are you planning on a trip this summer? You aught to go down to Marg's. It wouldn't cost much and from Marg's last letter they have some house now. You've been anything but well all winter & a holiday would be you worlds of good.

The newspaper talk is getting quite interesting these days. Its hard to say what will have happened by the time you get this. something decisive is sure to take place soon anyway -- and it can't some too soon for your truly.

I'm looking forward to next Canadian mail day and a box of eats. We only get $6 per month here and everything is twice as dear as back home or even in England they don't feed us any too much at any time. Still don't think I'm starving only a few eats comes in mighty handy for a treat. don't send anything but Player Cigarettes and you can't sent too many of them. Reading material is scarse too. I've still got the magazines that Marg sent me last. Almost everybody in the Coy have borrowed them already.

Well I've got to get into this game of ball out there. Besides the paper is about all used.

Remember me to Rose & Wallace when you see them and give my best to the folks on the far.

You loving son