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Date: May 18th 1917

May 18,1917

Dear Jay:

I've written home twice already this week so haven't much more news but I haven't anything to do this P.M. so might as well drop you a line besides I rec' five letters from you yesterday so its a cinch there's some coming from me.

We are still in billets & expect to be here for a few days yet and when we do go back we are sure to have it easy from what the Col said this morning. We were out on field work today and it reminded me of Edmonton days. The country is simply beautiful and quite a few farms are being cultivated again. They have some funny ideas bout farming too. They generally lead the horse or horse and when they do drive then only use on e line. The plows have two shears -- one above and opposite the other & when they come to the end of the furrow they simply turn the plow upside down & go back the same furrow. Its not a bad idea ,eh! Most of the grain is sown by hand altho some have the old seeders. There are all kinds of fruit trees encluding apple, peach, pears, cherry etc. The blossoms are beginning to drop off already. If Flora was here she would be wild over the birds there are all kinds and descriptions but I don't know what they call them. I saw a few grouse up on No Mans Land who were shell chock. I tried to nail some for breakfast but didn't have any luck.

I certainly don't like the French money -- Its simply enough but all sizes & colors & shapes. The Franc is either coin or paper and they even issue 50 c and 25 c notes worth ten cents and 5 cents respectively. Then there are 2 franc notes & coins and 5,10,20 franc notes. They hardly use the centimes at all but usually deal in francs and pennies, working on the basis of 1- pence to a franc. Canadian money is good as gold here but money orders or cheques are no good at all. We only get $6 per month here so slip $5 out of my assigned pay in a letter some time and register it. If you can get an English pound note its all the better.

I'm sending you a "Forty-nine". There are some interesting things in it. Do you get "Canada" there? The number -May 12th_ is real interesting -especially the cuts. What B'n is Hopkins with - is he in France yet? I had a letter from the fellow who used to be 2nd packer in the survey party. He is at Whitley with a machine gun Coy. Perhaps you have heard of Alex McMillan.

I'm going over to hunt up Happy Sutler and a bunch of those fellows who have been here for ages. Barney Loptson is in Blighty on pass I think but I may see him next time I come out of the line.

Wes McKenzie is with us now. He's the only one of our old Officers who is with us. In fact all the others have been wounded.

I guess I'll call a halt here - I'm just about at the end of my rope. So long until next time.

Your brother


P.S. I was getting curious about that letter from England. She's a nut we net away before Xmas but I didn't think she would write. She got your add. & the fellows kidded her into writing -- she's a nut proper.