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Date: March 29th 1917

March 29, 1917

Dear Folks:

We've had all kinds of excitement since I wrote last. I actually tho't we were away somewhere. Last Saturday night - two Calgary fellows Fergy & Hank Roulear -- were over at a concert in the Y and when it was half thru' some Officer came in & ordered everybody back to their lines. We picked off to our lines & found everybody lined up on the parade ground in full marching order with rifles -- and nobody knew what it meant. Well we showed sings of speed & got out too. Then we were split into platoons & sections and rolls made etc. Then we went back to our huts with the order to stand-too. On Sunday further work was done in organization & ending up in the 19th putting in a Coy & a half with the same from the 15th and 21st Res B'n's making up a full B'n. Only A2 men were taken and the remainder were formed up into an emergency B'n. On Monday we all formed up on the square -- the whole Brigade -- ready to march off. We even headed for Liphook -- the station-- but turned around & cam back and were told the excitement was over. Maybe we weren't a sore bunch. I haven't the faintest idea yet what caused it but it was evidently something for all the Canadians in England were mobolized - the school shut down & everybody ordered to report back to their units. All kings of rumors are out -- from the Germans breaking the neutrality of Holland to an invasion of Scotland but I don't suppose we'll ever find out the real reason Anyway we surely mobolized in a hurry. We were ready for anywhere in half an hour after the order came.

Another Can. mail came in this week or else its the remainder of the other big mail. Anyway I got ten letters and two parcels from home. I'm only enclosing one card for I lost the one with the books and socks. I haven't read the books yet but quite a few of the fellows in the hut have and say their great. I've started Zane Grey's book & it looks good. The socks are right in line. I'm out to the ranges every day and a 14 mile route march in full marching order every day means lots of socks.

Don't bother about sending any more money. We can't get a look at a pass here and I have lots to go on. Take $5 out of my next allowance & put it with Don's bank account. I'll get some decent pictures taken as soon as we finish on the ranges. I don't feel much like going down to Hazelmere after the march to the ranges.

We had a 3 mile run last Saturday but I couldn't go in on account of being out shooting. 120 started all from the 19th R's. and 10 out of the first 15 to finish were of old "C" Coy. Chief Spencer was second. He used to Capt out baseball team in Camp Hughes. Peener finished fourth. Serg't Ferguson, Brownie, Jimmy King , Drinkie, Bell and a bunch more came in next. On next Saturday 30 men from each Res. run again and the 20 first men to to Aldershop the following Saturday to compete in a big race meet.

Mac is at Aldershop now taking musketry -- just a two seeks course. Had a letter from him today. He likes it fine.

I guess this is all tonight. I rec' the letter from Jay today & I sure did some puzzling before I opened it. Here's hoping your hand is OK by now Sis.

Love to everybody


P.S. Got a bunch of magazines from Marg yesterday - forward my best thanks will you? "The Daredevil" is at the Epsom Military Hospital for returned soldiers now. One of the fellows took it down.