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Date: June 16th 1917

June 16,1917

Dear Folks:

Box No. 22 came thro' yesterday so I'll send the card away before I lose it. I wrote awhile ago & told you to not bother with the canned stuff but I think I'll take some of it back. The beans especially were great. Be sure & send the same kind if you send any more. They are the kind with tomato sause on them. The cocoa, milk & sugar are going up the line with me next trip. Sometimes they forget to issue tea & sugar & thats when we happen to want it worst.

There is a pretty good rumor around to the effect that we get divisional rest in short time. we get thirty days back of here some where. Its a cinch we get it either July or August sometime.

I say Roy McLuhan of the old High days. The girls will probably remember him. He is in the 8th Field Amb.

Its been awfully hot here but we don't do very much and the breez is all the more appreciated. The strawberries are ripe and I've had several feeds already. Somehow they don't taste like Alberta strawberries.

The country is simply great tho' even when it has been partially ruined. Its something like England for scenery except that its more extensive.

That is all this time. Thanks muchly for the parcel--

Love to Everybody