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Date: July 16th 1917
Fred Fansher

July 16,1917

Dear Cousin

Still going strong as you see. Rec your Parcel last evening. Everything OK. Now Lucy things have changed here somewhat & it is easy to get nearly anything we want & I have established a credit line so am jake. What I mean to say is that I have plenty socks & beans are heavy & we get an issue rather often so that eliminates that. Now pickles I eat very few of 7 they don't all together agree with me though my side kick a fellow from Oglivies in Winnipeg & we trade around I really enjoy you parcel immensely but I cant allow you the expense & trouble of sending me such large parcels. A few dainties such as a few cigars or a little home made fudge is all I would like you to sent & I will appreciate I just as much. I hope this does not make you sore but you are so large hearted you need checking I think. It got three parcels all at once which I suppose accounts for part of this but really we are not under going any great hardships though we do stick our face in occasionally. Saw a few Fritzys early one evening but he seems very scarce & I guess he wishes he were scarcer. We sure have him beat allright. He knows it to I think. Well heres hoping.

F.F. (Fred Fansher)