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Date: January 15th 1917

Seaford, England
January 15,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a line tonight before I roll in. we've been out on a big route march today and I'm pretty tired. We put out Advance Guards, Flank Guards etc and in this country its some work for its so hilly. Still we saw some of the country.

Yesterday we went out for all day and made a road reconnaissance. Simply a survey of the two miles from a bridge out about three miles to Littlington - a little hamlet inland from here. It was easy enough work but I was the only one in the platoon who knew how to use a prismatic compass so I read most of the angles. coming back we came thru' Alfriston - a little burg where Alfred the Great burnt the cakes. there's all sorts of Historic places like that around here. The place where Alfred hung out is still standing & its used for an inn.

I'm in receipt of a couple more boxes which came thru' OK. I delivered the socks to J.B. and then proceeded to enjoy myself. the cakes were Jake believe me and its funny but I found myself eating the "rocks" and was crazy about ‘em. I guess you'll remember that I never liked them at home. the army is responsible again. Mrs. McNabb sent the box that Bill promised me and 100 Melachrinos. You know when Bill left Camp we made a big trade of junk we had and in the bargain Bill promised to send the box of eats. Well Bill is in the Mts. now so Mrs. McNab and Marjorie done the dead. I guess I'll write them on Sunday.

Harris Brighton was in to see us last night. he just came back from France after a two year seige. we sure had a great chat. Perhaps you'll remember him. We always called him "Weary". he used to drive a big Chalmers.

Well nothing exciting has happened lately so I'll ring off and go to bed. Don't every cable the assignment again and if you need it for anything why use it for I'm jake-a-loo now and there isn't much chance of getting leave here. I guess I'll have to postpone my visit to Scotland for awhile.

Remember me to the folks on the Farm & to Rose & Wallace.
So long for now


P.S. I made the grade in the exams OK WJM