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Date: January 3rd 1917

Seaford, England
January 3,1917

Dear Folks:

Just a line tonight before I start to "plug" a little bit. Plugging isn't exactly in my line but I have to do a little once in awhile just for the looks of things.

We had our ‘steenth inspection today by headquarters with the usual amount of hot air and the usual amount of " standing at attention" and "presenting arms" etc. I haven't heard the usual rumor of "inside stuff" yet but I guess it will be coming soon.

Our days work now consists of drilling and lectures with 500 or bridge to pass the evening. Nothing has turned up with regards Crowborou yet but I think by the 15th that I'll have some news of some sort.

I've been pretty lucky lately for mail. Marg has been writing real often and almost every day I hear from home. I'm looking for parcel No. 2 from the States. It will probably come OK. I think I've gotten them all so far. None of them have been opened not even the one I got from Marg.

I was glad to hear the W.T. was elected again altho' I didn't have much doubt about it. The Journal keeps me well posted in that sort of thing altho I generally get the main news in letters first.

Mac has been on the sick list for a couple of weks. but was out today on parade. He's in "C" Coy of the school so will most likely be here for quite awhile. The rest of us except Peener and Lennie are in " A " Coy. Mrs. McLeod is over here in Eng. some where. She was down to see Lennie a week ago. Lawrence is back from Hythe & is instructing in musketry now. Could you get me Reg Henry's add.? I'd like to send him a line and say if you ever get a chance could you send me a "Gateway"? That's the U of A paper . I've got a few copies and there's some real news of the fellows over here from Varsity. If you are ever over by the Varsity call at the book store and ask Charlie for any back numbers. Prof. Edwards is head of the Soldiers Comfort Club there & he would be glad to give you some if you ever see him. Don't go to any trouble tho' for I get an occasional one from the Orderly Room.

I'm feeling fine - in fact real good - and have gained quite a bit in wieght since we arrived thats one redeeming feature of the Army.

So long for now. I'll write you a big ‘un on Sunday

As ever