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Date: January 29th 1917

January 29,1917

Dear Folks:

Something must be radically wrong with the mail service over there for you surely aught to have heard about the parcels I've got -- I wrote as soon as the first ones came and I think about three times a week ever since. I'm pretty sure that I'm getting all my mail -- at any rate I', getting all the parcels. I got another one tonight with a box of chocolate cookies, cake etc. in. It went to Crowbor' by mistake but carried fine. I are the sardines for supper & plan on having a little feast tonight before I roll in - making use of the cocoa beans & cookies.

I had a letter from Rose today and two from home. I'll write Rose tonight too is I get time.

They have picked out 80 men for Crowborough but I'm not sure if I'll go or not. There are 120 in the class & they planned on sending those who passed the exams but almost everybody passed and 90 of us made over 95% which is first class so it remains to be seen who the 10 will be who don't go. I don't know how they'll pick them out but I suppose it will just be my luck to be in the unlucky 10. It's only a matter of two weeks anyway so I'm not worrying.

I'm awfully sorry that the Xmas trip was too much for you mother. I suppose you still insist on doing the washing and cleaning house. There's only one cure for La Grippe you know so take it easy.

The rest of the school are writing their exams now. Peener and Mac are in "C" Coy of the school so I suppose are busy plugging. Their barracks are quite a ways from here so I don't see them very often. The 19th Reserve B'n. are sending small drafts every week or so over to France and every time the C.B. the lines and that C.B.'s the rest of the school and it makes the fellows wild. Non of the Ed. fellows have gone yet. I think all the fellows you know are in the school.

We spend most of our time now doing route marches and putting in time. They say its the coldest now that it's every been in England for 26 years and its only a few degrees below freezing. I've seen lots of colder days up north in July.

So long for now & thanks muchly for the box.