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Date: February 25th 1917

Seaford England "C" Coy. 196th B'n
Feb 25,1917

Dear Folks:

My pen is on the blink so I scribble a line in pencil.

Did I tell you about the little room Penner & I have? Well, we've rented al little sitting room in an ap't block right on the sea front. It's on the 3rf story & a balcony out in front. Its swell to sit out there & smoke in the evening - when it isn't raining--. There are always ships & destroyers around the harbour. The room is small but well fitted out - a fire place - davenport - dining table and writing table - reading lamp - side board & all kinds of easy chairs -- a big carpet and rungs and pictures & mirrors etc on the walls. We come down here almost every evening & write or put in the evening somehow. Burnie was in with us but he left the first week we had it. It only cost us ten shillings a week altogether and a little extra for what coal we burn. Then we can have dinner served any night we want to & they are real Canadian meals. They can't make pie but outside of that its OK. The fire place is great when its raining for its just cold enough then to enjoy it. There's a rumor around that we're going to Bramshot in a week or so & if we do we'll miss the room. We've only had it two weeks but its a great place to put in the evenings Its Sunday A