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Mrs. Townsend

Gnr. R.H. Brewster
Canadian Reserve Artillery
A. Battery
Wittey Camp
Dear Mrs. Townsend:-

You can possibly imagine my feeling when on Sunday morning March the 3rd at 9 am one of the boys quietly handed me a paper stating that it contained some bad news for me. The news of course was Dad's death. I can hardly realize it yet and feel sort of stunned. I think that dear old Dad has passed on, and he seemingly so well and strong. It certainly seems to me that the Brewster family has had their share of sorrow in recent years. Just one calamity after another.

I have tried in every way possible to get a few weeks leave, but men are scarce now, and it was impossible. I certainly would have liked to get home for a few weeks to help settle things up.

Take good care of things Auntie and let me know just how everything stands. Who is in charge of the estate etc.

Please tell me of his death and funeral etc. In fact everything in general. What is to become of the girls. How do you advise carrying on?
I should be here in England for close on two months yet, before leaving for France.

I will write again just as soon as I can get the opportunity. Time is very scarce over here, we work long hours and are pretty tired on night. I have a bit of a headache now, and hardly know what I am writing about.

Tell me everything when you write. What is the best way for me to get money over here from time to time? I assign $20 per month as you know. Please advise.

Will write again shortly.

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