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Date: September 3rd 1917


Sept. 3rd 1917

Dear Dad:-

We sure have been getting great weather lately and night is just as bright nearly as there's a peach of a moon. It's a rotten waste of course as all we use it for is to avoid shell holes.

I should have gone on leave yesterday as I'm at the top of the roster but the staff captain balled things up so I may not go for a week. However, there's a bare chance of my going tomorrow and I sure do intend to have one grand time. The Major came back off his leave yesterday and has a friend at Swanage who he says I can stay with a few days. I guess I'll make use of it as there's lots of tennis and swimming down there.

It's getting mighty cold now and night O.P. has become a real burden as I nearly froze the other night up there. Try sleeping in a damp cellar in October with a wind whistling through with only a slicker on and you've got it. Am sorry to say I'm getting fed up with the war and don't care how soon it stops.

Gee! I hope my leave comes soon so I'll be able to send you all picture post cards and presents. Also I know where I can get icecreams. No news at all. Love to Ella and Nen.