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Date: October 15th 1916

Royal Military College,

October 15th 1916

Dear Dad:-

The Sam Brown is coming along O.K. I use that Kiwi paste of Uncle Bob's and the Packard's liquid dope. The more it's shined the better it gets and believe me it's getting some shining.

I was down town yesterday and went to the different tailors to look at their stuff. I decided to get my jacket, longs, and breeches at Livingstone's as all the officers from the college get their things there. I am going to get my British Warm at Crawford and Walsh's and my field boots at Johnston's. Fellows have written back from the front for his boots s they liked them better than the English ones.

I got prices on the different things and here they are:-
British Warm ____ $35.00
Service Jacket ___ $30.00
Slacks (Long.) ___ $10.00
Breeches ________$16.00
Field boots ______ $21.00
Spiral pigskin leggings _ $7.50 ?
Cap ___________ $4.50
Shirts & collars ___$ 3.00 each.
Can get good hand made low boots at Johnstons for $7.50. They are much better than the ordinary boot as the uppers are an inch higher so that they go well with the leggings. This is only .50¢ more and worth it. The spiral pigskin leggings are very hard to get and I doubt if I'll be able to I guess. I'll get revolver instead of automatic. These prices sure are steep but they are the same all over and I might as well get them here while I have time as to wait till I get home and have to rush. How many shirts do you think I'll need? Two collars with each.

Tell Ella I am finishing her cake before going out to tea at the Minnes; whoever they are. Send Marjorie's address if possible

H.B. Thorburn