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Date: March 28th 1917

Regent Palace Hotel,
Piccadilly Circus,
London, W.

March 28th 1917

Dear Ella:-

Here we are again in London for the last time for a good while. We heard the other day that we were to finish our training in France. Don't get the wind up however as we will be at least 20 miles behind the lines for about 2 months. We leave on Friday from Southampton. I'm anxious to see Paris you bet. I got a letter from Less yesterday advising me to stay here as long as possible but of course everybody whose never been out is crazy to get there. I believe he hopes to get a staff appointment out there which will be darn good.

I Bought you a whole bunch of music today and it is on it's way now. They are all the best hits from the shows I've seen and some of them are mighty good.

The Col. wasn't going to give us any overseas leave as he said we had no relations in England to see. However he had to give us leave to get our kit but the dirty old slob told us to come back every night. To hang with it though, we're going to stick here till Thursday night and if he doesn't like it he knows what he can do. My kit is costing nearly $300 anyway so you can see the bunch of stuff I've got to get. However, I've got most of it so can take a last look round today and tomorrow. I saw "Theodore & Co." last night and believe me it's a peach. The funniest I've ever seen I think. Am sending you some music from it. We are going to "A little bit of fluff" and "London Pride" to day.

Well Ella I guess I'll eat now and for goodness sake tell the bunch not to get up in the air as I'll not see action for at least 3 or 4 months yet.

Best love to Nen and Dad with lots for yourself.

Your Loving Brother,