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Date: June 25th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A.,
B.E.F., France
June 25th 1917

shall write Mrs. B c/o Seatons

Dear Nen:-

Just received the underwear and writing pads. Was on Liaison with the infantry all last night and this morning. Went all through the trenches with the Battalion Commander this morning and it sure was hot work when I got back to the battery everything on me was soaked through. I am going down to the wagon lines tomorrow and have a bath so the B.V.D's came just in time.

The two signallers and myself had a couple of close calls this morning on the way back. A couple of 4.2's dropped about 5 yds away covering us with mud and as we were close to another battery position we ran into a dugout there for a while. Everything seemed O.K. so we came out again only to be greeted by two more which were, if anything closer. We got into shell holes just in time and as it was my tin hat was knocked off. They had hit some of our ammunition stacked near by and this stuff started to go off so we beat it for all we were worth back to the battery. We got back all right and all had a good sleep. I am now on the 12- 2 watch and am going to return some of the boche's iron rations.

I also got a box of shortbread, I suppose this is from Mrs. Buckham but as she didn't send a note or anything I don't know. I don't know her address or anything so can't write and thank her. Tell anyone else to be sure and send a note too so I can write back.

We've been having a nice quiet time lately. The Major is at Paris and the Captain is up in charge and as he's a peach of a head we're quite a happy family.

Must go up and fire now, best love to all.


The book comes in mighty handy too.