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Date: July 26th 1917

C/62 Battery R.F.A.,
B.E.F., France

July 26th 1917

Dear Grandma:-

Just received letter no.11 and was pleased to hear everything was O.K. and Annie was enjoying life. I think the house she's in belongs to Major M.V. Plummer who was an instructor at R.M.C. when I was there. "Plum" we all called him and he is either in England or out here now.

Sorry to hear you were not taking your usual holiday this summer but Ottawa's not such a bad place, is it? I sure do wish I could have a swim in Lake Deschenes now with maybe a game of tennis thrown in.

I was on Liaison Duty with the infantry again last night. It wasn't my turn but our fellow was feeling sick and asked me to take his place. Nothing interesting happened except a couple of prisoners were brought in. One was just a kid and only had a slight graze in the leg. He was scared stiff and could hardly answer the questions put to him by the Intelligence Officer. The other fellow had a shattered arm and fainted twice but never even moaned. He sure was a plucky chap.

Although I had a bath a few days ago and massacred 12 lice they're still on me and I can hardly get to sleep with them. However when we go out to rest I'll see what can be done.

I hope Chako is all right and having a good time. I've written 3 or 4 times thanking them for the cookies. I don't know how you've missed all the letters.

Must close now. With best love to all.