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Date: July 26th 1917

Same Place

July 26th 1917

Dear Nen:-

Got letter from you and one from Dad last night but, as I was on Liaison I didn't get them till this morning. Nothing very interesting happened while I was down there and I had a fair sleep. These darn bugs keep me awake now and I caught 12 in my breeches when I had my last bath 4 or 5 days ago. However a bath doesn't help much as I am just as bad now as ever. My back is very itchy at present. One is doing it's worst to crawl into my ear. Nothing I can do will stop the blighters though. Chako is still at home I hear from Grandma's letter. How is Paddy getting on these days anyway? You can imagine how eager I am to see him.

Let me know as soon as you get this. Every letter I write seems to take months to get there.

Perhaps it's the subs. but I thought the yanks were still going strong. Remember me to all at Aylmer. Everybody's been so decent to me from there. Uncle Bob is all right now I hope and I'll tell you who Dad reminds me of. Xerxes.

Am still feeling good over all those Bosche I killed and hope most of the wounded are out for the rest of the war.

Ritson the sub that was hit right beside me has lost his leg poor devil. Above the knee too. We could tell pretty well he'd have to as it was a bad one. The 4.2 dropped about 5 yds. away and he and I were reading a pamphlet and just crouched down in time. However, I believe losing a leg isn't so bad nowadays but of course it's 100% better to lose it below the knee. However, he expects to be able to ride with it as it is. I hope so as he's the bravest fellow I've met.

Best love to all, write soon again.