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Date: March 22nd 1918

March 22

Bombardment continued all night and is still on. Our companies have been moved many miles back.At 10.00am Fritz occupied ROISEL. Dumps, etc. destroyed by us before leaving. At 9.00pm Fritz reported to be successfully resisted at TINCOURT. Our material yard dynamited, including 46000ft. of ties urgently required for our work. Have received orders to be ready for the stand to tonight and am sleeping with full equipment and everything in readiness.

11.00pm Still going on (guns). AMIEN Road black with traffic, mostly guns and ammunition. Many guns moving back. Latest report says we have successfully held him at Tincourt. Have been issued Bandolier of AMMO (50 rounds). Alarm sounded at shortly after 12.00 midnight and we packed up essential stuff and via March Route to ESTREES. Slept till 8.00am Put up big marquee tent for Orderly Room. At 4.00pm reported that Fritz was rapidly advancing so we struck tents, packed lorries and moved, March Route, full equipment to CHOIGNES. Camp site shelled and 6 German planes swooped down on the cross road and opened up their machine guns & 1 dropped bombs. Took refuge in a ditch and escaped injury.