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Date: August 25th 1917


August 25th

Dear Dad:-

Well how's your liver anyway. I've written mostly to Nen lately I'm afraid but you know what a failing I always had for women. Awfully glad to hear the boat is O.K. and surely hope I'm on deck to spin the flywheel next summer. Which next?

Am enclosing a photo of Browning one of the other subs in our Battery. Thank goodness we've got rid of the duds and at present we are: Major Litchfield M.C, Capt. Le Blanc smith M.C, 2/LT. Maher, Browning, me and 1st lieut. Johnson in order of seniority. Rather funny for us to be senior to a fellow with 2 pips up but he was in the A.S.C and transferred so only joined the battery 3 or 4 weeks ago. He's a darn nice fellow though and his people are living in Toronto at present.

Well autumn is beginning to commence to arrive now and the evenings are getting colder and the O.P. more & more of a bore. Leave is farther off now and I won't go for a month. However, I should worry and get grey hairs in my shaving brush - eh!

How is business these days anyway. If you want to negotiate for a loan you'd better get me before I go on leave as I don't believe in having too much dough in the strong box gathering mould. So you'll just have to be content with my insurance I guess.

Glad to hear Ella has canned the nursing idea although it's a pity we had to suffer being bandaged up for nix. We men always get it in the neck however dont we. It's an awful life. I'm on O.P. tomorrow cuss! Had a crack at a few Bosche from the O.P. again the other day. Three came out of a dugout to go to the rear and 8 shrapnel bursts good and close greatly expedited manouvers I can tell you. Unfortunately we didn't kill any of them.

Must close. Love to Nen & Ella