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Date: August 12th 1917


August 12th 1917

Dear Dad:-

Got letters from you, Nen & Ella, also Jean Wadsworth last night and you sure are some correspondents. The other fellows don't get half the mail I do. Maher from Australia hasn't heard from home for months as it all has to come by the Meditteranean where all the U boats hang out. He's gone to Hautecloque for the two weeks course which is more or less a rest cure compared to the "young" officer's course I got.

The Major is down at the Wagon Lines today and has left me in charge. I hope the General thinks the mud too bad to plough through.

Sure wish you could send the ice cream and mocha cake out as we get a lot of dissolved mud with our eats these days. Messing out here comes pretty high but I'd rather pay more and feed better than not.

Some class to me writing in ink eh!

We had a fight the other day and it sure was a good one. The Bosche had his tail up a little too high so we put a kink in it. The heavies and we bombarded all day and at 7.45 p.m. we lifted and put up a protective barrage all round the infs. who went over to try and put the finishing touches to his front line. We'd absolutely flattened his trenches and over 200 were killed and 78 prisoners were taken. The Canadians hold the record for a raid having got 125 prisoners once. We had pretty heavy casualties however, but it was worth it.

Well Dad I'll close now with best love to all.