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Date: April 1st 1917

British Officers Club

April 1st 1917

Dear Nen:-

Well, at last I got some mail, Ella's letter reaching me the morning we left for France. We are in quite a decent place although the weather is punk and have not much to do as yet.

We left England For France on Friday and sailed from Southampton about 5.30 p.m. Awfully stuffy and crowded as there were over 200 officers and 700 men on board. Our kit was with us and I slept on about 6 Wolsey [?]. It was quite rough and a lot were sick but I slept right through it thank goodness and was lucky. We arrived in France next morning and reported at the camp. Very poor accomodations were provided and we had to eat in turn and sleep 4 in a little canvas hut. However, it's quite decent and not as bad as some fellows have had, I believe.

French people are the dirtiest on earth I believe and French girls are awful looking mutts. We went to a movie the other night and first they played "God Save the King" then the "Marsellaise" right through very slowly while we stood to [?].

We won't be going up the line for a long time yet as there are hundreds of Artillery officers going up the whole time and more coming over every day. We sure were lucky to strike this bunch though. I guess you may as well keep writing to the Army post office or to Messrs. Cox & Co., 16 Charing Cross, London S.W. although the A.P.O. is the best. Stored my baggage at Cox's just before we left. Can't say where I am although many miles from the front. Best love to all.