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Date: September 17th 1914

Sept. 17th/14

My Dear Beverly

We were so pleased to get your card this morning, for it seems a long time since we saw you off at the station. Today is Dad's birthday, also it happens to be Milly's. But our family is so small that we are not celebrating in any way. Jock is so lonesome that he will not eat and only finds life interesting when Victor Rivers is around. Yesterday, Dad and I went to the Exhibition but it does not amount to much. The crowds are not as big as former years and exhibits are fewer. Mother won the prize in fancy work and had much the finest work there. Grandma expects to go into the Hospital on Sunday night. The Doctor will operate Monday morning and she can come home the same evening. I have chosen a new carpet for your room and we have most of your banners strung on wire. Be sure to tell us whom you are tenting with and if you are very tired at night. If there is an excursion down Dad may go to see the Camp so be sure and have a good record for him to hear of. He sent you some magazines so if you have not received them be sure to ask at the Post Office. Read them and pass them on or else hand them to the Y.M.C.A. Tent. Be respectful to all over you and unselfish to all the boys. Do all you are asked to do carefully and if anything do more than your share of work. Write as often as you can. With much love from all of us.

Affectionately Yours