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Date: October 29th 1918

Oct 29/18

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd your letter of Oct 4 tonight so you see I am very prompt in replying - sometimes I am lying in bed writing this so I hope you will pardon me if some words seem rather difficult to understand. I get up every afternoon in a bath chair and could write letters then I suppose but I like to look around in the daylight. It gets dark very early here now about 4 o'clock and I usually go to bed right after tea. I got into bed myself tonight and thought I had made a fine job of fixing the bed but when the nurse came around she made it all over again. Nearly all our nurses have had the flu and we have been having new ones nearly every day. I hope the old ones soon come back again as we know them so much better. For example I hesitate to change my shirt in front of a strange nurse but don't mind the old ones at all. I guess that isn't nice as our nurse would say "you aren't very nice to know". There don't seem to be many good looking nurses here but some of the sisters are pretty classy but of course a humble pte isn't in the same class with them. Some chaps back from pass just interrupted me and I have forgotten all I was going to tell you.

I suppose Lee will be home by now and having a good time again. His experience of war was somewhat peculiar wasn't it? I hardly know whether he was lucky or not - I know I was.

I guess it will be nearly winter time when you get this letter. It seems to take so long now for letters to cross and then one is never sure that they will get at their destination. The war situation looks splendid now doesn't it? I hope that this old war will be over soon and the "wise ones" over here seem to think it will so we can get back again.

They are going to put some sort of contrivance on my foot tomorrow to see if they can straighten it out again so I guess I will be back in bed again for a while. I am getting along fine tho and have nothing to complain of even tho we do sometimes get lard on our bread instead of butter.

Well Hazel I must stop as I want to write to mother before supper. I usually have hot bread and milk for mine. I enjoy your letters so much that I hope you will write very often. Please remember me to your father and the girls.

Jack M.

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