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Date: October 24th 1916



Dear Hazel

I guess you will think my letters are coming rather close together but I have quite a lot of time to write and am taking advantage of it.

I have a job in the mess room this week so am not working very hard. The rest of the battn are going on all kinds of marches and it makes Lee sore that he has to go and I don't. I have to get up earlier tho but of course I am used to that. Bill McLaren is on the job with me and we have a great time. The worst part is that it only lasts a week. I wish it would last longer as it is a cinch.

The draft they picked out was cancelled last night and I guess they will pick out a new one. Lee was very pleased to be taken off and I don't blame him as they only picked out the men they didn't want in the battn.

We haven't got our kilts yet altho all the officers have them. I am not sure that I will stay in this outfit anyway if I can transfer to the unit I wish to go to. The Col. said he would let anyone transfer who didn't want towear kilts so I think I will be an objector and object to having my knees bare. I like the kilts all right but want something better. You don't blame me do you?

It is only 10.30 a.m. now and Bill and I are off for the day as the fellows all took their lunch with them This is a peach of a day and I think we will stroll about this afternoon and investigate a little. We have got pretty well acquainted with the Battn Orderly Sergt and he may take us thru the big hospital today or tomorrow All the officers here are fine fellows. Our Capt is a Toronto millionaire - Some class eh!

I have a deuce of a cold but it is getting better. I blow my nose every few lines so if any of the connections are wrong you will know the reason.

I don't think I will write to you any more for a few days now as this is thru since Sunday and this is Tuesday. That ought to do for a few days. I haven't heard from any of the boys around home yet. I guess they have completely forgotten me. I sent a letter to Irene yesterday I hope she gets it all right. Our Address at present is -
"O"Coy. 134th BN
Army P. O.

Well I guess I will stop as four pages is my limit. There should be one from you today in the mail. I hope there is -

Yours Jack.

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