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Date: November 14th 1917

Nov 14/17

Dear Hazel -

I was very glad receive your letter altho I had almost given up hope of hearing from you again. When I wrote the last letter I didn't intend you to think that I didn't want to correspond with you. On the contrary I always enjoyed your letters and was sorry when you stopped writing altogether.

Since I haven't written for such a long time I suppose I should have lots of news to write about. To begin with - we are still in England - it was hardly necessary to write that for it seems that we will always be here. I am still in the signallers and doing as little as I possibly can. It is hardly necessary to say that I am growing stout and of course old looking - anyway I am getting quite old.

Lee came back from the hospital last night. He doesn't look very well and I think he is going before a medical board for Canada soon. He doesn't want to go back but we are doing our best to persuade him that that is the best thing for him to do. He certainly cannot stand the drill and unless he gets a job in London Canada is the only place for him.

Ralph Robinson was down here last Sunday and looks quite sporty in his R.N.A.S. uniform. I didn't get a chance to talk to him very long but he gave me a little news from home. Several of our fellows went to the RNAS and I have my application in but don't expect to ever get there as there are only 6 transfers a month allowed out of the brigade and there are about 100 ahead of me. We all see now that we were foolish to enlist when we did or we might have had different jobs now.

I had six days leave a short time ago and had a great time. I spent all my time in London and certainly had some celebration. Gordon Zavitz (Vern's brother) is at Bramshott and we have some fine times together. He is just as good a spirit as ever.

So Irene is home this year - I'll bet you girls will have some splendid times together. Ralph told me that there wasn't much going on around home now so it must be rather quiet. I suppose lots of the boys will be called up by conscription too The boys over here wont give the conscripts a very cordial reception I'm afraid altho reinforcements are needed badly enough.

I suppose you see Joe once in a while. Tell him for me that I think he is some sport. I have written him several letters and have only heard from him once since I came over here.

We are having a pretty good time here. Lots of dances and all kinds of sports. We see some good rugby games and lots of football. We all take boxing lessons so look out for me if I ever get back to Canada. The war doesn't look very much like ending does it. I guess we will be on this side of the pond for a few years yet.

I am going out on a whist drive tonight and to another on Friday. They are rather dry affairs but we meet some nice people at them so we put up with the dry part.
Well Hazel this is a very long letter for me to write. I have almost forgotten how to write them. I hope you will write often if you can and I will do my best for I want to consider you one of my very best friends.


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