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Date: May 13th 1917

May 13/17

Dear Hazel -

This is Sunday afternoon and it is nice and cool in the huts so I am going to write a few letters. Sunday is about the only day we have time to write any more. They are working us like the deuce now and I am getting real thin over it too. I wish we would soon move to France as every body is heartily sick of working our heads off here and not accomplishing anything.

Lee has gone to the hospital with influenza and is pretty sick too. We went over to see him this morning but he had been moved to Bramshott this morning. He is a pretty sick bot alright. I wrote to his folks in London but of course didn't tell them how sick he was. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he is invalided home home when he gets out of the hospital. He isn't strong enough to stand the pace here. I'll say a fellow has to be pretty tough to stand the work we are getting now. This bunch has been weeded out pretty well now and there are very few who can't stand almost anything here now.

The weather is just grand now only a little too hot to be comfortable. It hasn't rained for about six weeks and the dust is fierce - worse than the mud ever was. Of course we soldiers always have something to complain about.

There are lots of nice garden parties here now and we have lots of fun with the dainty English Janes. Some of them are pretty nice too and certainly know how to give a fellow a good time. Some of these swell evenings make one feel the least bit homesick. I would like to go back "just for tonight" alright. There is some war on over in France now. I would be surprised if the whole German outfit suffers a collapse in a couple of months. They can't possibly stand the pace that the British and French are setting now. Of course we have to remember that the great American Army will soon be over here and then the Huns will be scared and beat it. I don't think that the Canadians over here respect the Yanks anmore than they did before the U.S came into the war. Of course it will make a difference but the credit of beating the enemy goes to Britain and France.

I suppose there will be lots of tennis motoring etc. over in Canada now. The picnics and garden parties will be starting too I suppose. I haven't heard from Gordon for a long time- he must be all right or I would have seen his name in the casualty lists. Of course you will have heard that Billy Campbell is missing. We were all sorry to hear that but hope that he is a prisoner.

Well Hazel it is almost too hot to write today. I got those snaps you sent and was glad to get them. All of the boys have sent their picture machines home so we never have any more snaps taken. Well I must close

Love Jack

P.S. Don't mention anything about Lee being seriously ill as it would only cause worry

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