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Date: July 27th 1916

27 July 1916

Camp Borden

Dear Hazel -

We are settled down again in this forsaken joint. It is just as dirty as ever and perhaps a little worse. There is only about 1/5 of the battn here. The rest are on pass and absent without leave. It seems rather lonesome without the rest of the fellows.

We had some time coming up on the train. We came up in about 6 hours but it was a very busy six hours. I had to keep very busy to keep out of fights, there were so many drunks on the train.

We are not doing much here now. It is too hot to work hard and no one feels like work anyway. I guess we are going over seas allright. We expect to be on the water in about 10 days or two weeks at the latest. I am glad that we are going at last, glad that we are getting away from here and glad that we will soon have a chance to show that the 135 is not all talk but the real thing. We may fall down when it comes to the real test but I guess everyone will do his best. I am looking forward to the trip overseas but I suppose I may wish I were back here after I am there for a while. It will be allright to write me here for a week anyway as the rest of the battn are on pass until Sun. No passes will be issued after that. I haven't had my medical inspection yet. I might fall down there but I don't think so. I suppose Lee calls as often as usual. Mr Ashley was asking about him but I couldn't give him much satisfaction. Well I must close.


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