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Date: February 5th 1918

Feb 5/18

Dear Hazel -

Rec'd a letter from you the other day and was very glad to hear from you. It is such a long time since you wrote before that I thought you weren't going to write any more. I always enjoy your letters so much and I hope you will write whenever you can.

Since I wrote last I have been on leave in Scotland and had a great time. I know some very nice people up there and they gave me a very good time. We spent our days sight-seeing and evenings going to theatre parties and cabarets. We saw some good shows and had some great celebrations. Believe me the Scotch whiskey was in great demand when I was up there. The Scotch people are far nicer than the English in my estimation anyway they treat you a lot nicer and seem a whole lot like the Canadians. We have been awfully busy around here lately - inspections, battle practices etc occupying all of our time. To make matters worse it has been raining steadily for the last week and we have been wet through all the time. Still there must be entertainment for the "Higher Ups" and the poor infantry have to give it. The latest grovergrams state that we will go to France inside of three weeks but of course they aren't always to be relied on.

I went to the Garrison theatre last night and saw "Mr Wu". It is a chinese play and very good. The moral in it is very plain to see but I fear the effect on the soldier audience, including myself, was nil. The latter part of the week "Under Cover" will be on. It is an American play and should be good. They have some excellent companies and the shows have all been fine so far.

We have a whole holiday tomorrow and I am glad of it. About everything I own is soaked thru and I will have a chance to get dried up a bit. I suppose it is still cold in Canada - I wish it were colder here and a little drier.

Well Hazel I can't think of anything more to write about so I will have to stop Be sure and write whenever you can and please remember that I am still interested in all you do and the good times that you have. We used to be excellent friends and I will do my part in trying to maintain that friendship.


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