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Date: February 25th 1917

Feb 25/17

Dear Hazel -

I wrote quite a lengthy letter a few days ago but as this is Sunday evening I must write at least a few lines again. I always think of you most on Sunday evenings as we used to have such good times on Sundays last spring. Perhaps next year at this time we will be having them again - I am sure I hope so anyway. No doubt we will both be changed a whole lot - that is natural - both older of course and in my case only a whole lot wiser. Really you know Hazel that I have become quite a sensible man altho as of old I have lots of peculiar ideas. You were just the girl that I always wanted to have as my sweetheart and I don't want you to change at all. I am afraid that you will think that I have become awful loving all of a sudden - perhaps I have. My moods often change but altho I don't always tell you how much I think of you I am sure you understand that I love you all the time even if I don't tell you so. I look forward to your letters every week and am very much disappointed when I don't get one.

There is nothing exciting happening at all here. Each day is about the same as the previous one. We are still at signalling and we all play "old soldier" as much as possible. I have been attending the dental parades quite regularly but only have one tooth to fill. There is talk of this camp being quarantined for a while. If it is we won't be able to write but it may be only a rumor - I fancy it is.

I am getting fatter every day never the less I am quite happy - Lee weighs about 170 now so you see we are not being killed over here. I know some of us wouldn't be recognized if we went now - we are so big. In fact I can hardly walk in thru an ordinary door and lots have to turn sideways to get in. I am sure they will soon have to build special huts for some of us.

Well Hazel dear I must close this letter as it is nearly bed-time 9.30 They are certainly spoiling us for our future "times" by making us go to bed so early. I know I couldn't possibly stay awake until twelve. I hear you say that is a good thing - but I never kept late hours - oh no.

Well my dear little girlie I must say night and imagine I am saying it in the old way.

Lots of Love

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