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Date: November 18th 1917

18th Nov. 1917

My Dear Mother,

No letters from London yet but surely I'll get some this week if there's a post in.

This is my first afternoon away from camp since we came and I'm very glad of a little change as the work is hard and lots of it.

Its lovely in the early morning flying over the Mediterranean before the sun comes up and the sunrise is really beautiful when you're 4000 feet up.
Have met several old friends I was with out here before. The Doctor at the camp was a very great friend of mine.

I sent a cable this afternoon to say I'd arrived safely - better late than never.

Am not sending any Xmas things as it was too late when we got here.
I do hope Mother Dear my cheque is alright but you know I wrote it & the letter on the train & in pencil & and I'm afraid perhaps they wont cash it. However if they wont I'll send another & for more.

Wish you had some of our heat - it was something awful last week. Expect it is quite cold now in Canada.

Am so anxious to get your letter & to know if you're leaving the Home. I hope so.

Haven't heard from John yet but probably will this week when the English post comes. Perhaps his Regiment have gone down to the Italian front - it will be nice for him if they have.

Best Love to the Proctors, Paxtons, Kings, Lavery's, Rices & Mr. Schiller.
Will write again in a few days.

Your Loving Son,