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Date: August 22nd 1917

194 Kings Rd.
22nd Aug.

My Dear Mother

I was so glad to get your lovely birthday letter and the socks, handkerchief & cigarettes. I am especially glad of the socks.
I came up here from Dover Sunday and am on a course, this is where John was a few weeks ago on his pioneer course but my course is for the Flying Corps and I will be at it for several months. I won't be going to France again till next year and am very glad.

I am also glad Mrs Webster is staying at home but I only wish you were with her.

We have very long hours here, first parade from 6 to 7 in the morning then 9 to 12 and 2 to 5 so you can see there isn't much time when there is a lot of study to do at night.

I had a letter today from the friends I stayed with in Anglesey this summer they just got a telegram from the War Office saying one of their sons who is a Doctor in France has been gased. Its a terrible thing you know Mother and affects the heart, lungs and throat.

I got a couple of Whitby papers the other day - there seems to be a lot of changes in the old town and I hardly recognized any of the names with the exception of the old families.

Do you ever see Frank [?]? I wonder what he is doing these days?
I expect the place looks lovely, and the dear old lawn how I would enjoy a game of tennis on it.

It is just ten o'clock mother but as I have to get up so early I must go to bed early so will say good night.

Best love to all my friends and lots for you dear self.

Your Loving Son

Who is Mrs. Crowell who sent the cigarettes? Please thank her from me very much.